$14,200,000.00 Total Jury Verdict
– Co-counsel in a jury trial involving a tank explosion at a power plant in which the plaintiff suffered catastrophic orthopedic injuries. This is believed to be a record setting verdict in Kern County for a case involving solely orthopedic injuries and no paralysis or brain injury.

$6,000,000.00 Combined Judgments
– Represented the family members of an individual who died of a severe traumatic brain injury in an auto-related accident.

$5,250,000.00 Settlement
– Major motor vehicle accident involving numerous catastrophic injuries. Liability initially disputed but ultimately admitted.

$3,000,000.00 Settlement
– Client was hit head-on by a big-rig tractor at a high rate of speed. There were no eye-witnesses to the accident. Injuries included a mild traumatic brain injury, severely fractured pelvis and femur and multiple spinal fractures.

$2,300,000.00 Settlement
– Represented individual in an interpleader action arising from a separate lawsuit between several major produce companies.

$1,100,000.00 Settlement
– Represented the parents of a deceased young man in a wrongful against a bar and restaurant. The decedent was tragically shot and killed by a stray bullet from a fight that had broken out nearby while he was innocently walking to his car.

$1,013,997.92 Settlement
– Client was rear-ended by a pickup truck that was owned by a cement contractor. Client declined emergency medical services at the scene but was later diagnosed with a minor traumatic brain injury, cervical spine injury, and injuries to his hip and shoulder.

$995,921.01 Settlement
– Represented a child who suffered a fractured skull and minor traumatic brain injury at a tennis club promotional event while playing on an inflatable slide that was defectively designed and negligently set up and supervised.

$525,000.00 Settlement
– Client suffered a serious neck injury when he was t-boned at an intersection by an agricultural vehicle that ran a red light.

$310,799.54 Binding Arbitration Award
– Represented an architect in a real estate partnership dispute.

$185,996.34 Jury Verdict
– Client was rear-ended at a high rate of speed and suffered spinal injuries. Prior to trial the defendant’s insurance carrier rejected Mr. Osborn’s offer to settle in exchange for payment of the defendant’s $100,000.00 insurance policy limit. Following trial, the defendant’s insurance carrier paid the entire amount of the jury verdict plus the plaintiff’s case costs.



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